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The display adapter must be able to show 640x480 pixel resolution(VGA)
and 256 colors.

You can also read the text with Lynx- browser.

To be able to get all the content of the pages you need a multimedia computer with sound card, speakers and a graphics adapter able to display thousands of colors with minimum of 800x600 resolution.


The browser must be able to handle tables like Netscape 2.0 (not older) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 (not older).

To enjoy all the possibilities you need a 32 bit operating system like Windos 95/98 and a modern browser like Netscape 4.x or IE 4.x


First page. This home page shows the aviable languages. You can choose now English, Swedish or Finnish by clicking with the mouse on the text.

Main page. After the selection of desired language you can see the main page which contains:

Site Map. List of all pages on the site. With this map you can easily wiev the content.

C.G.E Mannerheim coat of arms. Opens the main content of the site.

Contacts. Opens a e-mail form. This is the method to send feedback.

Sponsors. This page shows all enterprises, foundations and private persons which have made this site possible.

Authors. Contains the administration and production persons.

Special topics. Shows articles, photo galleries and video material

Info. This page

The footer links on every page open pages without frames.

By clicking the small pictures (thumbnails) you can view the full size pictures.

By clicking the sword on the bottom of the pages you can always move to the main page.


To see the video material (audio in Finnish) you need a sound card, speakers and a powerful (Pentium etc.) computer. You also need a Real Player plugin (G2) which you can download from :